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tea is one of the most popular hot beverages in world and especially in India. A cup of milk tea (chai) in morning gives refreshing feel and put you on track of long hard day. It can be prepared with milk or milk powder and various types of plain or flavored tea powders. This recipe prepares Indian tea using milk, sugar, tea powder and water. Regarded for thousands of years in the East as a key to good health, happiness, and wisdom, tea has caught the attention of researchers in the West, who are discovering the many health benefits of different types of teas. Studies have found that some teas may help with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes; encourage weight loss; lower cholesterol; and bring about mental alertness. Tea also appears to have antimicrobial qualities

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Special Features: No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavour
enjoy a cup of tea at the highest plantation in the world

Premium dust tea is prepared by passing the pure tea leaves through several processes like cleaning, refining and drying. This process is also called Crush, Tear and Curl (CTC) where the tea leaves are transformed into small hard prellets. Tea leaves are processed with utmost technological adherence pertaining to all industry norms. This whole process is carried on with strict quality control measures under the supervision of professionals. After the whole procedure premium dust tea is then vacuum packaged in attractive containers and packets before it reaches you.

Dust tea is featured with a refreshingly intense aroma and strong flavor and is consumed by adding milk and sugar. In fact tea has become an intrinsic part of our everyday lives. You can order Premium dust tea online from Valley Spice sitting in the vicinity of your homes.

Health Benefits: Dust Tea is known to have immense health benefits due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea contains flavenoids, catechins and mild caffeine which together contribute to general well being. It is a proven fact that consuming tea twice a day will help in averting heart problems, boost digestion and immunity, improve bone health and also help in losing weight. Moreover a cup of freshly brewed dust tea can have a refreshing impact after a long and tiring day. It also has a rejuvenating effect keeping you hydrated and moisturized.

Preparing a perfect cup of tea is certainly an art which can be gradually learnt over time. Get a little creative and brew cups of teas with or without milk adding ginger, tulsi and cardamoms for that special exotic taste.

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3 reviews for Tea Powder Premium Quality Idukki Special

  1. sanjay

    Nice taste. Packaging is also good. Indian post need to be little more fast

  2. fasna

    Tea lovers definitely buy. I recommend highly

  3. Neenu George

    Nice tea powder,tnx

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