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Jack Fruit is a wonder fruit predominantly found in south india . Well known for its healt benefit and taste. Jackfruit chips are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, sodium and zinc apart from being the energy house of carbohydrates and natural sugar thus a full package compensation of the extra calories consumed with frying. Each nutrient available in Jackfruit chips saves your body from one or the other malady. Enriched in Vitamin C, they are the antioxidants to boost up body’s immune system. The fibrous and dietary chips improve your digestion. Rich Potassium source pumps your heart muscles well and thus make you livelier. Oh yeah, how about Vitamin A; don’t you want your eyes to keep tinkling for long without spectacles?

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This is a Vegetarian product.

  • Healthy and Nutritious Snack
  • Made from ripe, wild jackfruits, sourced from western ghats of India
  • Enjoy the real flavor of jackfruit throughout the year
  • No added sugar, preservatives or colors
  • Naturally Sweet, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly,No cholesterol, Less oil, less fat


Health benefits

Jack fruit chips as yummy and not only empty calories. Jackfruit is full of iron and is still a fantastic source of energy

They’re fiber rich that assists in good digestion.


1. Helps combat chronic ailments

Jackfruit includes a vast variety of antioxidants. Your body needs antioxidants to combat the premature signs of aging and also a few frequent infections and diseases like runny improved, cold, and flu. Jackfruit is a great supply of the organic antioxidant Vitamin C. Antioxidants can also be crucial in combating free radicals which damage cells. Removing free radicals from the body guarantees that the body works smoothly, and isn’t subject to the effects of rapid and premature damage. Vitamin C is water soluble and isn’t generated by the human body. Because of this, it’s crucial that you eat it completely by your daily diet, and meals like the jackfruit.


2.High in fiber

High fiber material in jackfruit helps enhance digestion and prevents constipation. Its capacity to stop constipation helps in prevention of migraines.


3. Speedy weight loss

Jackfruit helps in weight reduction since it’s fat free and low in calories. In addition, you will gain from all of its other nutrients.


4. Helps stop cancer

These nutritional components cure cell damage and create immunity.


5. Helps lower blood pressure

Jackfruit includes a fantastic potassium content, therefore it may be beneficial when you’ve got elevated blood pressure. This also assists in preventing additional heart disease and strokes. Potassium content additionally improves nerve and muscle function.


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