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Dried Tapioca Fish Curry Combo

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Dried Tapioca 500 + Turmeric Powder 100g + Fish Masala 100g + Kudampuli 100g


Kappa puzhukku or tapioca recipe with grated coconut mixture is known to be the main tapioca dish popular among the people from Kerala. Tapioca cultivation is common in these parts of the world and is readily available throughout the state. Freshly harvested tapioca roots are peeled off its skin and washed with clean water. It is then sliced to medium sized fine pieces and parboiled with water. Once half cooked, tapioca pieces are taken from the water and are dried in the sun for few days. These dried tapioca pieces are known as Unakku Kappa and are stored for many days in airtight boxes or containers. Kappa Puzhukku prepared with dried tapioca pieces goes well with fish curry and is considered to be one of the main attractions of Kerala cuisine. Have a look at the list of ingredients required and the preparation of Unakku Kappa Puzhukku.

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