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Dried Jackfruit 250gm

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No Preservatives No MSG Added 100% Natural Ingredients No artificial Flavors


Sliced and dried raw jackfruit

Method of preparation

    • Soak 250gm of dried jackfruit slices in clean water for 3 – 3½ hours. The water should be on level with the jackfruit slices.
    • Once it is soaked for 3 – 3½ hours, the dried jackfruit pieces would drink up the water and increase its size.
    • Now, remove the remaining water and take the jackfruit pieces.
    • Transfer it to a steamer and cook it for half an hour. Close the lid of the vessel while cooking. (In between, check whether the jackfruit is cooked or not)
    • Meanwhile, ground the sufficient quantity of grated coconut, green chillies, turmeric powder, curry leaves and shallots to form a coarse mixture. Keep it aside.
    • Once it is cooked, water presence would be less as reduced through evaporation. Now add the coarse coconut mixture on top and sprinkle some salt for the taste.
    • Close the lid and simmer it for few minutes. When the steam comes again, open the lid and mix the ingredients with a ladle. The recipe will be of a greenish yellow texture.
    • When it is ready, serve it hot with Bird’s eye chilli chutney (Kantari mulaku chutney) or non-veg recipes.


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