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Kerala Cardamom We bring you the most fresh hand picked naturally grown aromatic cardamom from the tropical forests of Idukki, Kerala. .

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Culinary Purposes:

Cardamom can be used whole or the seeds can be ground and added to both sweet and savory dishes. To add a certain flavor to your rice and curries the seeds of cardamoms are ground with other spices. Its aroma and taste certainly enhances the taste of desserts and drinks. In fact green cardamom when added to tea will relax and rejuvenate you.


Health Benefits:

Cardamom has great nutritional value being a good source of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Cardamom has immense value for health purposes. It improves your digestive system, helps in controlling your sugar levels and even prevents diseases like cancer. Improving your heart health, controlling asthma and fighting depression are other benefits of cardamom. In fact a cardamom if chewed can rid you of chronic cough and colds.


How to Store:

It is recommended to store whole cardamom pods in an air tight container as once the seeds get exposed and kept in a ground form they lose their aroma and flavor.   

Including cardamom in your diet can give you wondrous or almost magical benefits. It is advisable to order cardamom online and avail its benefits. 

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