Sajeera /Caraway seeds /Shah Jeera/ Kala jeera


Shah Jeera/Sajeera /Caraway seeds have distinctive, intense cumin like, bitter but with a hint of sweet flavour and aroma that adds liquorice to the dishes. Earthy with a touch of citrus and pepper in taste, jeera helps to improve digestion, appetite and helps eliminate gastrointestinal pain.
Shah Jeera is used extensively in medicines and in cooking too. Caraway seeds are darker and taste much sweeter than normal jeera. It is used mainly in Tandoori dishes and some specific Indian curries. Shahi jeera is also used as an ingredient of masala tea, owing to its sweet flavour. Caraway seeds are the more widely used version. It has a lovely and intense aroma and is used to garnish Indian dishes. Shah Jeera is the main ingredient in most of the curry powders available on the market. Sajeera is used usually when the dish is spicy and requires a strong aroma. We use Sajeera to flavour chicken dishes. Sajeera is one of the spices that give Southern German and Austrian foods, meat, vegetable or rye bread, their characteristic flavour. Its combination with garlic is effective and popular for meat and vegetables. Sajeera contains essential oil.

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This item: Sajeera /Caraway seeds /Shah Jeera/ Kala jeera
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Shah Jeera/Sajeera /Caraway seeds is a Vegetarian product.
Shah jeera soothe the digestive tract and relieve colic, cramps, bloating and flatulence by directly acting on the intestinal muscles. Improve body metabolism
Treats skin diseases like dry skin,eczema and psoriasis
Helps to improving memory
Controls diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels.
The powder of the seeds also helps heal bruises.
Improves appetite and helps treat earache
Counters heart irregularity caused by excess digestive gas

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