About Us

Spicecarts is all about the finest quality spices made available to our ultimate customers from the most fertile land Idukki, in Kerala, which is exclusively well – known for spice cultivation. In fact, Idukki is home to almost all known spices in the world which no other place in India can take credit of. Idukki is also one of the few places which is not contaminated by the pollutions of industries or factories and most of the people are into the business of farming and produce genuine and natural products.
We at Spicecarts , market our products in co- operation with our farmers without involving any other intermediaries so that the genuine spices and associated products can be made available to our valuable customers at very competitive prices, no matter the customer belongs to Kerala or outside the state. We provide our customers with the opportunity to enjoy the genuine , poison less spices and related food products from the wild beauty of our thick forests and western ghat.
Such is the importance of Spice in our lives today that apart from being an integral part in imparting gastronomic delight to our customers, it is commonly used as an adjective to convey the feeling of warmth, excitement, colors & change in colloquial communication.
At Spicecarts , it has been our business philosophy to produce spices that enhance the flavor of our everyday nutrition. We also consistently enhance the flavor of our business process to preserve our spicy soul.
Spicecarts has been adding sheen to the crucial role of spices in the Indian culinary tradition and history. We stand committed to settle for nothing but the best, so be it procurement of raw materials or manufacturing standards we proudly play the role of an industry torchbearer.